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Our Mission

At Coach Automotive Accessories, our mission is to elevate your driving experience. We're not just about cars; we're about the people who drive them. We're here to empower you to customize and enhance your vehicle, making it an extension of your lifestyle. Our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and innovative solutions drives us every day.


Our History

Coach Automotive started in the early 2000s, when a group of regional managers from Roadwire (and its subsidiary Classic Soft Trim) decided that the direction the company was taking would undermine the quality of the product and leather installations. These managers created different “Coach Automotive” shops across the country to collaborate with each other and the idea that maybe a co-op could be formed in the future. Kyle Blake was the man who started it in Oregon. His pursuit of a high level of quality in the products, customer service and installations, made Coach Automotive Accessories the recognized name that it is now.


From the Owner

Hey there, I'm Gonzalo Velasquez, the owner of Coach Automotive Accessories. I'm a family guy with a love for all things automotive.

Before taking the wheel at Coach, I ran a business reviving beat-up cars, and that's where my passion for cars took off. But I also have a tech background. I've spent years managing tech projects, streamlining processes, and solving problems.

Now, I'm merging that tech-savvy experience with my love for cars to make Coach your top spot for auto upgrades. From leather interiors to 12 volt applications, we're here to bring the latest tech and style to your ride.

When I'm not at the shop, you'll find me with my wife and 3 kids, because they're my real driving force. Thanks for joining us on this journey of blending tech and automotive expertise!

Make a lasting impression wherever you go.

Customer Reviews


“The leather completely transformed my car into a place that I never want to leave... The Katzkin leather feels AMAZING. Seriously the best leather car seats i've sat in (I've sat in friends’ Porsches, BMWs, Audis, etc). If you are thinking about doing it. Just pull the trigger and go for it!”

Gala G.

“I am very satisfied with the installation quality and the detail-oriented technique. The technician and the admin staff are all professional and friendly.”

Jill C.