Auto Body Customizing
and Restyling

Auto Body Restyling and Professional
Installation in Portland, Oregon

Transform Your Vehicle’s Entire Look

Elevate your vehicle's appearance with our expert auto body restyling, body kit customization, and grille installation services. Experience a stunning and personalized look.

Transform Your Vehicle’s Entire Look

Elevate your vehicle's appearance with our expert auto body restyling, body kit customization, and grille installation services. Experience a stunning and personalized look that sets your vehicle apart.

Customized Style

Express your unique style with our auto body restyling and customization services, tailor-made to match your vision and enhance your vehicle's aesthetic appeal.

Body Kit Transformations

Upgrade your vehicle's exterior with our high-quality body kits, providing a sleek and strong look that exudes performance and turns heads wherever you go.

Enhanced Front End Appeal

Make a bold statement with our expert grille installations, instantly transforming the front end of your vehicle.

Professional Craftsmanship

Trust our skilled technicians to meticulously handle your auto body restyling, body kit installation, or grille customization, ensuring a seamless and professional result.

Personalized Consultation

Benefit from a personalized consultation where our experts will guide you through the available options, helping you choose the perfect auto body restyling for your vehicle.

Seamless Integration

Our expert technicians ensure seamless integration of body kits and grilles, preserving the original lines and design of your vehicle while adding a touch of customization.

Coach Automotive PDX Custom Grille Installation

Frequently Asked Questions

With over 20 years of experience and more than 17,000 cars restyled, we’ve got the answers to your burning questions. Don’t see your question? Get in touch. Our team is here, ready to help.

How much will my installation cost?

The cost depends on factors such as your vehicle's make and model, the specific customization options, and the complexity of the installation. Contact us for a personalized quote.

Will the auto body restyling and customization affect my vehicle's warranty?

Typically, auto body restyling and customization do not affect the vehicle's warranty. However, it's recommended to consult your manufacturer's guidelines or contact us for more information.

How long does the installation process take?

The installation timeframe depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the project and vehicle type. Our team will provide an estimated timeframe during the consultation.

Can’t I install body kits and grilles myself?

Professional installation is recommended for optimal fit, alignment, and functionality. Our skilled technicians have the expertise to ensure a seamless and precise installation.

Can body kits and grilles be removed without causing damage to the vehicle's exterior?

While the body kits and grilles are designed to be securely installed, they can typically be removed if desired. However, it's advisable to consult our experts to ensure proper removal without causing any damage.

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“The leather completely transformed my car into a place that I never want to leave... The Katzkin leather feels AMAZING. Seriously the best leather car seats i've sat in (I've sat in friends’ Porsches, BMWs, Audis, etc). If you are thinking about doing it. Just pull the trigger and go for it!”

Gala G.

“I am very satisfied with the installation quality and the detail-oriented technique. The technician and the admin staff are all professional and friendly.”

Jill C.